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Personal Insolvency Case Study

Written by CRG Insolvency
Monday, 24 April 2017 12:47

Personal Insolvency Case Study Supporting an individual to pay of £47,000 of personal debt in 5 years Our client, a man in his mid 40’s, came to us with £47,000 of personal debt. He had previously been a director of a company, which had gone into liquidation. That liquidation was handled by another Insolvency company who had not given him much support throughout the process.

As is not uncommon, he had used his credit cards to support his ailing business and retain a standard of living. He finally came to us when he was facing a large amount of personal debt and no idea of how to move forward.

In our initial meeting we were able to discuss with him the extent of his debt and the worries he had. We went through his list of creditors and established what income and expenditure he had. Armed with advice about his options, he was able to decide on the most suitable way forward for him.

He had secured permanent employment so had a regular income that gave him enough surplus to propose an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA). With his income he was able to maintain all his payments and pay his creditors 46p in the £1. He also benefitted from the ongoing support we were able to give him when he needed it.

He finished his arrangement in 2016, after 5 years.

“I wanted to write and thank you for helping me get my finances under control. When I contacted you 6 years ago I was drowning with credit card debt and also had a mortgage which i was struggling to pay. The phone was constantly ring ing with the card companies asking for payment through the post also from them. At one point a debt collector called at the door requesting money. My life was a nightmare. When I contacted you, you arranged an appointment quickly and after talking with you said you could help me out. You took all the credit card statements and arranged an IVA. The speed at what you did this was unbelievable. Within 48 hours the phone had stopped ringing with the credit card companies asking for payment via post also stopped.

Your service wa unbelievable.

Many thanks Happy Customer

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